Emergency Appeal

Coronavirus is a crisis that is having an impact on everyone’s mental health, but the effect on those who are already struggling with the effects of abuse and other trauma is particularly severe. Here at Breakthrough we are still open and have been working hard to keep our services to vulnerable trauma survivors going, and to continue to provide a safety net for those who are struggling with their mental health.

However, the demand is growing with every passing day, as many people (including frontline health care staff) are feeling the emotional impact of the crisis. And we need not only to keep existing services running, but also expand our therapy team, so we can help those who have been traumatised by living and working through this crisis, and who will be needing specialist help and support for many months and years to come.

Support and help for frontline workers

So we’ll be setting up a specialist service for frontline NHS & Ambulance staff across Bath & North East Somerset, through therapist-led weekly support groups for those emotionally affected by the pandemic, offering a safe space to share their experiences together and process the trauma they are facing.

We are also going to be offering new online therapeutic support groups, to provide ongoing help for the increasing numbers of people from the general public reaching out to us for support.

But we need your help to do it ...

That is why we are setting up this emergency appeal. We urgently need to raise at least £25,000 in the next 6 weeks, not just to help us keep our vital services going, but also to fund extra therapy staff to respond to the increasing demand and so we can help more survivors of trauma in the weeks and months ahead.

This is an emergency appeal like no other, and one we can only do together. Please help us be there.

To contribute, please donate at LocalGiving (select GiftAid if you are a UK tax payer).

If you would like to offer your support as a therapist, please email at CV to recruitment@traumabreakthrough.org to apply for the post