AUDIO RECORDING – Trauma Awareness / Covid-19 – for GPs, Nurses & Primary Care Staff

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Recorded from our online course for primary care staff exploring Trauma.

Psychological trauma, whether from childhood abuse, domestic violence, or trauma related to accidental factors affects as many as 1 in 3 people. With the coronavirus crisis, this figure is set to increase greatly, as fear, powerlessness, uncertainty and isolation become a normal part of life. The long-term impact on frontline health and social care staff is expected to be acute.

Trauma contributes to long term difficulties with emotional health and physical health, as well as impacting issues such as homelessness, addiction, antisocial behaviour, job retention, housing, social isolation,self harm, eating disorders and a variety of mental health conditions.

This half-day course is suitable for staff working in primary health care settings (GP surgeries etc.) and aims to raise awareness and understanding about trauma and the issues participants are likely to face both in their own lives, and in those they are helping.

This is the audio recording and slides from our online mental health training course on 16th May 2020.
(PLEASE NOTE: Recordings do not include the content of the discussion group held at the start of this course which make up 5mins of the session in total).

Once you have completed the your order you can download the files which contain the link to join the Zoom recording and to the slides.

Running time: 2 hour 45 mins