Transference & Trauma - AUDIO RECORDING


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Recorded from our online course for primary care staff exploring Transference.

Survivors of trauma often experience complex interpersonal dynamics with helping professionals. When these dynamics are not well understood, they can hamper the process of recovery and healing for survivors.

This half-day course will help those working with survivors of trauma to understand how trauma, power and transference impact the therapeutic relationship, and how helping professionals can turn what may seem like problems within the therapeutic relationship into a positive force for recovery, growth and healing.

This is the audio recording and slides from our online mental health training course on 23rd May 2020.
(PLEASE NOTE: Recordings do not include the content of the discussion groups held during this course which make up 20mins of the 3hr session in total).

Once you have completed the your order you can download the files which contain the link to join the Zoom recording and to the slides.

Running time: 2 hour 21 mins

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