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We sell a LOT of stress balls – they’re are proven to be therapeutic, calming and regulating, but also fun! (And a huge hit with kids and adults alike).
So we decided to find the most ‘out there’ ones we could, which means we now stock some large ‘slime’ gel balls that you can squeeze as hard as you like, and… these!
These are textured with lots of little gel spikes which mean they have a really interesting sensation on your hands – or you can roll them along your arms or legs like a massage ball to help you ground.
They flash with different LED colours if you hit them or bounce them.
And… they squeak!
Yes, ok, squeaking is traditionally something you’d find in a dog toy (obviously these aren’t), but consider it the equivalent of screaming hard into a pillow for the moments when you can’t – sometimes you just need to make a lot of noise, and these do the trick!

Size: 7.5cm approx
Colour: assorted / chosen at random
(if you have a specific colour you’d like, let us know and we’ll do our best for you)

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