Mouldable Large Stress Ball - Fidget Grounding Toy


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Whether you need to ground yourself and focus, or squeeze some anxiety away, these colourful balls are a simple tool to help. Our stress balls are SO popular, it’s why we stock so many types.
They are proven to be therapeutic, calming and regulating. These are large stress balls are perfect decompression toys for children (6 ) and adults!
Squish it like a stress ball, twist it, pull it, feel the textures, throw and catch it to help you ground. These classic toys are silly and fun.
These are slightly different to most stress balls (the solid types), and more flexible with a more tactile feel that allow you to make shapes rather than simply squeeze them.

Size: 7cm approx
Colour: assorted / chosen at random
(if you have a specific colour you’d like, let us know and we’ll do our best for you)

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