ONLINE Plus Ones Trauma Workshop for Supporters - 11th April 2020


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We’ve now moved this course to an online format, which will take place in 2 half-day sections. Part 1 on the 11th April 2020 9:30am-1pm (UK time), Part 2’s date will be planned together at the end of the workshop to find a date that works for everyone.

Supporting someone who has experienced abuse or other trauma can sometimes feel challenging or overwhelming – especially for partners, close friends and family.

Our ‘Plus Ones’ workshop is a course built around the needs of supporters to help you find the best ways to help support your loved during crisis, how look after your needs as a supporter, and offers opportunities to connect with others and have open and frank discussions with others on the same journey.

Topics covered include:
• The impact of trauma and why survivors respond in particular ways
• Grounding and calming techniques for survivors in distress
• Self-care strategies for supporters
• How to keep healthy boundaries
• When and how to seek more help
There will also be plenty of opportunities to talk within small discussion groups to ask the questions you’ve been wondering about, get feedback from others, or simply share how things are.

Once you have completed the your order you can download the file which contains the link to join the Zoom meeting.

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