PLEASE NOTE: Our training courses for March to May 2020 have been postponed in order to protect participants, staff and volunteers, and to comply with Government regulations regarding coronavirus/covid-19. However, we are continuing to offer online training courses for trauma survivors, their supporters and professionals. Full details can be found on our Online Training Page

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Trauma Awareness (sst.101) - 13th June 2020

Childhood abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of trauma affect as many as 1-in-3 people. Trauma contributes to long term difficulties with emotional health and physical health, as well as issues such as homelessness, addiction, antisocial behaviour, job retention, housing, social isolation, eating disorders and a variety of mental health conditions.

This 1-day course is suitable for those working or volunteering in a variety of organisations and services, as well as for friends, family or others who are supporting those who have experienced trauma.

Whether you are a survivor of trauma, or looking to better understand and help survivors you know or are supporting, we recommend this course to everyone.

Topics covered include:

    • Different types of trauma
    • How common is trauma?
    • How trauma affects the brain and body
    • The long term effects of trauma
    • Recovery and healing

Trauma First Aid (sst.102) - 20th June 2020

Survivors often experience intense, distressing emotions. This 1-day course equips you to provide immediate help to someone who’s triggered or in crisis. It’s suitable for anyone working/volunteering in the community, healthcare, social services or housing, as well as for friends, family or those supporting survivors of trauma. 

Topics covered include:

• Understanding trigger responses
• Creating a trauma-informed spaces
• Identifying if someone’s triggered
• Helping people to ‘ground’
• Providing appropriate aftercare
• When & how to seek further help

Working With Complex Trauma (sst.201) - 25th-26th June 2020

Many people who struggle with mental health issues have experienced childhood abuse and other forms of complex trauma. As well as more commonly understood forms of mental health difficulties, many also show signs of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (cPTSD) and dissociative disorders.

This two day course for professionals and others working with survivors will enable participants to understand the particular challenges faced by people who have experienced complex trauma, and to find ways of supporting survivors on their journey of recovery.

Topics covered will include:

    • Identifying complex trauma
    • The impact of childhood abuse
    • Understanding dissociation
    • Complex trauma & attachment
    • Models of ‘the Traumatised Self’
    • A framework for recovery

Plus Ones Trauma Workshop - Postponed until further notice

Supporting someone who has experienced abuse or other trauma can sometimes feel challenging or overwhelming – especially for partners, close friends and family. Our ‘Plus Ones’ workshop is a day built around the needs of supporters to help you find the best ways to help support your loved during crisis, how look after your needs as a supporter, and offers opportunities to connect with others and have open and frank discussions with others on the same journey.

Topics covered include:

• The impact of trauma and why survivors respond in particular ways
• Grounding and calming techniques for survivors in distress
• Self-care strategies for supporters
• How to keep healthy boundaries
• When and how to seek more help

There will also be plenty of opportunities to talk within small discussion groups to ask the questions you’ve been wondering about, get feedback from others, or simply share how things are.