Whether you’re a survivor needing skills for recovery, a supporter or professional wanting to help more effectively, or an organisation keen to become trauma aware – we have training courses to help!
Each training stream offers foundation or intermediate courses, all of which can be taken individually or as a set.

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Supporting Survivors of Trauma

A range of half / full day courses opening up the topic of trauma, it’s impact, and how we can support survivors.

Level 1 offers a range of courses exploring different facets of trauma and it’s impact
Level 2 offers more in-depth courses for those working directly with survivors

With 1-in-4 of us experiencing trauma or mental health difficulties in our lifetime, we highly recommend our foundation level courses (SST.101 and SST.102) to everyone.

Level 1:

SST.101 – Trauma Awareness (1 day course)

SST.102 – Trauma First Aid (1 day course)
Practical skills for supporting those in crisis.

SST.103 – Trauma & Mindfulness (1 day course)
Mindfulness is a great tool, but often it does not work for trauma. This 1 day course shows ways of adapting Mindfulness exercises so they’re effective for trauma survivors.

Level 2

SST.201 – Trauma and Transference (half-day course)
Understanding the interpersonal and power dynamics between survivors and helping professionals

SST.202 – Working with Complex Trauma (2 day course)
An in-depth practical course to develop understanding of complex trauma, dissociative disorders and other mental health difficulties.

Certificate in Trauma Support

This series of courses offers either individual 2hr seminars to suit your needs or interest, or complete sets for the full certificate option.

Level 1 offers a range of informative courses on a variety of topics specific to the needs of trauma survivors.
Level 2 offers a range of practical and skills based courses

Level 1:

Certificate in Trauma Support – Part 1 (CTS.101):
CTS.101a – Trauma Awareness (2hr seminar)
CTS.101b – Managing Anxiety
CTS.101c – Trauma & Mindfulness
CTS.101d – Healthy Boundaries

Next dates:

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Certificate in Trauma Support – Part 2 (CTS.102):
CTS.102a – Trauma & Sleep
CTS.102b – Trauma & Attachment
CTS.102c – Trauma & Trust
CTS.102d – Trauma & Self-Sabotaging

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Level 2:

Certificate in Trauma Support Skills (CTS.201):
CTS.201a – Trauma-Focused Listening
CTS.201b – Practical Grounding Skills
CTS.201c – Developing Boundaries
CTS.201d – Managing Flashbacks

Next dates: 
TBC  – Audio recordings available in our shop