Whether you’re a survivor needing skills for recovery, a supporter or professional wanting to help more effectively, or an organisation keen to become trauma aware – we have training courses to help!
Each training stream offers foundation or intermediate courses, all of which can be taken individually or as a set.

Supporting Survivors of Trauma

A range of half / full day courses opening up the topic of trauma, it’s impact, and how we can support survivors.

Level 1 offers a range of courses exploring different facets of trauma and it’s impact
Level 2 offers more in-depth courses for those working directly with survivors

With 1-in-4 of us experiencing trauma or mental health difficulties in our lifetime, we highly recommend our foundation level courses (SST.101 and SST.102) to everyone.

Level 1:

SST.101 – Trauma Awareness (1 day course)

SST.102 – Trauma First Aid (1 day course)
Practical skills for supporting those in crisis.

SST.103 – Trauma & Mindfulness (1 day course)
Mindfulness is a great tool, but often it does not work for trauma. This 1 day course shows ways of adapting Mindfulness exercises so they’re effective for trauma survivors.

SST.104 – Dissociation (1 day or half-day course)
What is dissociation? How has it protected survivors? Why it can become problematic? And how to support survivors who are dissociative?

Next Dates:

SST.104 – 25th July 2020
Others TBC (last run April-May 2020)

Level 2

SST.201 – Trauma and Transference (half-day course)
Understanding the interpersonal and power dynamics between survivors and helping professionals

SST.202 – Working with Complex Trauma (2 day course)
An in-depth practical course to develop understanding of complex trauma, dissociative disorders and other mental health difficulties.

Next Dates:
TBC (last run May-June 2020)

Certificate in Trauma Support

This series of courses offers either individual 2hr seminars to suit your needs or interest, or complete sets for the full certificate option.

Level 1 offers a range of informative courses on a variety of topics specific to the needs of trauma survivors.
Level 2 offers a range of practical and skills based courses

Level 1:

Certificate in Trauma Support – Part 1 (CTS.101):
CTS.101a – Trauma Awareness (2hr seminar)
CTS.101b – Managing Anxiety
CTS.101c – Trauma & Mindfulness
CTS.101d – Healthy Boundaries

Next dates:

TBC (last run April 2020) – Audio recordings available in our shop.

Certificate in Trauma Support – Part 2 (CTS.102):
CTS.102a – Trauma & Sleep
CTS.102b – Trauma & Attachment
CTS.102c – Trauma & Trust
CTS.102d – Trauma & Self-Sabotaging

Next dates:

CTS.102a-b last run May 2020 – Audio recordings available in our shop.
CTS.102c – 16th July 2020
CTS.102d – 23rd July 2020

Level 2:

Certificate in Trauma Support Skills (CTS.201):
CTS.201a – Trauma-Focused Listening
CTS.201b – Practical Grounding Skills
CTS.201c – Developing Boundaries
CTS.201d – Managing Flashbacks

Next dates: 
CTS.201a – 6th Aug 2020
CTS.201b – 13th Aug 2020
CTS.201c – 20th Aug 2020
CTS.201d – 27th Aug 2020

Weekend Workshops:

Coming Home to Yourself (1 day Mindfulness Retreat)
A mix of teaching, group meditation, individual practices, discussion, and practical exercises.

Closing the Gap (3 day workshop)
We live in a socially distanced and traumatised world that hinders the connections humans are hiredwired to need for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. This 3 day workshop allows participants to regain a sense of themselves as emotionally connected social beings, using group encounter, psychodrama, sociodrama and other creative methods to explore unmet needs and to re-engage with a sense of community and togetherness.

Next Dates

Coming Home to Yourself (ONLINE) – 15th August 2020
Closing the Gap (Bath, UK) – October 2020

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